Program Management and Governance

Developing a path to more secure and efficient care requires a holistic view. Aligning without a defined destination or shared vision can send healthcare delivery organizations down a path of wasting time and money.

Enabled Advisors collaborates with you to establish a united vision of success. With that vision and your organization’s business goals, we develop a path to a more secure and efficient care system.

Business Strategy and Planning

Enabled Advisors’ tailored offering combines a leading practices approach with a multi-disciplinary team of security expertise (strategy, technology, framework, risk management, compliance, network, vulnerability, HTM, and informatics) to not only assess current state and identify high-priority gaps but also create and drive an HDO-specific roadmap for closing those gaps, and building a center of security excellence to detect and protect against future vulnerabilities and risks.

Our goal is to help you achieve success by providing recommendations and steps for attaining steady state program maturity and capability sustainment, creating a foundation for digital transformation and adaptability in support of enterprise IT and business strategy. Our combination of approach and expertise is critical for any organization in today’s high-threat reality, but it is especially powerful in enabling HDOs to establish security and risk management as an enterprise priority.

Clinical and Revenue Systems Design, Implementation, and Optimization

Enabled Advisors personnel bring the full breadth of experience to designing, implementing, or optimizing clinical and revenue cycle systems. With expertise in the significant private and government sector systems, we have the mix of clinical, financial, and program/project management expertise to bring our customers success in the Inpatient and Ambulatory environments.

Cybersecurity Program and Project Management

Managed security solutions specialized for healthcare don’t have to be complex or costly. Enabled Advisors is a leading provider of managed security, providing solution flexibility by allowing our clients to bundle the right coverage and skillsets for their organization. Our comprehensive approach enables enterprise-level, scalable security to protect your data, reputation, and balance sheets while allowing you to focus on your core business.

Enabled Advisors programs provide leadership at all levels of the engagement to ensure the highest quality program for your organization.

Digital Asset Risk, Governance, Policy and Strategy

Enabled Advisors’ approach to organizational digital asset resilience builds towards a self-sustaining state. The will of the organization, as well as the organizational scale and scope of activity, are key drivers to comprehensive governance and policymaking.  Enabled Advisors offers an aggressive program to reduce digital asset risk through the introduction and operationalization of technology to gain visibility, optimize integration, and create a governance structure that allows HDOs to effectively manage the risk of the ever-increasing connected asset footprint.