Operational Technology (OT) Security

Enabled Advisors provides a dynamic team of industry experts in all aspects of the biomedical engineering lifecycle ranging from initial assessment, implementation, and lifecycle sustainment. Our team can rapidly scale to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.

Medical Device and Connected Asset Risk Management

Medical devices are an essential part of the caregiving experience. Known collectively as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), network-connected medical devices range from monitoring devices to infusion pumps to complex radiographic imaging devices and many more. They make up an ever-expanding pool of devices that healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) have very little visibility into or appropriate security controls to protect them from malicious actors.

Enabled Advisors brings years of experience and expertise to bear in helping HDOs build IoMT visibility and security into their existing security frameworks to reduce the exposure to security threats.

Device Inventory Management

It is a simple fact that you cannot manage equipment that you don’t know about. Historically, medical device inventory has been a manual process taking many person-hours to build, track, and maintain. This is especially true in the medical device category because regulatory compliance requirements dictate preventative maintenance actions to keep the medical devices working appropriately.

In this connected world, medical devices literally move throughout the HDO and can be stored in various authorized and unauthorized locations, which makes keeping up with them very difficult.

Enabled Advisors works with your teams to identify, select, and implement passive scanning technologies to inventory and fingerprint IoMT active on the network. With appropriate integration into standard network information platforms, the data provides enhanced visibility into the location and status of your organization’s IoMT.

Security Awareness Programs

The primary purpose of medical devices is to enhance patient care and save lives. For years, medical device equipment (MDE) manufacturers have focused on the health aspects and network connectivity capabilities. Unfortunately, essential cybersecurity was not often implemented, which has left these devices wide open to exploitation by threat actors.

HDO staff undergo a series of security awareness training programs to help avoid malware, phishing, and other basic security threats within an HDO; however, many are unaware of the critical vulnerabilities in the IoMT population of devices.

Enabled Advisors provides awareness activities to bring the importance of security for IoMT to light and introduce cybersecurity for medical devices into the day-to-day life of technicians who maintain them.

Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance Assessments

Enabled Advisors provides rapid cybersecurity risk assessments that rate the organization’s connected asset risk management maturity. The evaluation can be integrated into a more comprehensive security approach to acquiring new technologies. The result is a standardized approach to assessing connected asset risk challenges to inform more extensive Hardware/Software and systematic evaluation risk metrics.

With the establishment of logical metrics for risk tracking, compliance auditing for security posture can be easily tied to standard frameworks, such as NIST, and regularly monitored to satisfy regulatory and organizational security standards.