Healthcare Informatics and Analytics

Enabled Advisors is equipped with expertise in federal and civilian healthcare systems and domains, assisting clients in operational, technical, and clinical areas. Our extensive experience with Healthcare System Integration, Informatics Testing, Data Governance, and Workflow Analysis supports clients in applying the Healthcare Informatics framework while improving healthcare delivery services

System Functionality Evaluation and Recommendations

Implementing electronic health record (EHR) systems does not automatically increase the quality of care and use-cases needed to support a wide variety of care providers. Enabled Advisors clinical informatics staff using defined processes to evaluate system functionality and develop targeted recommendations to enhance the ability of the system to meet essential clinical workflow use cases.

Clinical Process and Workflows

A necessary step during the implementation of any system is to fully understand and map the existing flow of care through the administrative and patient care practices within the clinical setting. The information gathered during this time can help identify potential efficiencies in the workflows designed within the systems to be implemented or optimized.

Cross-Department Information Integration

Enabled Advisors staff understand that a single patient encounter touches many areas within an HDO, such as scheduling, radiology, lab, transportation, dietary, and many other areas. The ability to efficiently communicate between these various areas makes an extraordinary impact on a patient’s care experience and the ability of the care team to provide efficient and quality outcomes for the patient population.

Data Analysis and Clinical-Driven Improvements

The proper use of information is essential to improving the patient care environment and making critical business decisions. Many HDOs now accumulate large amounts of data in data warehouses or have invested in Big Data technologies to consolidate data from many systems to perform analytics.

Enabled Advisors staff have the experience and expertise to manage that data, produce reports, and enable the transformation of that data into information that your organization can use to make data-driven business decisions.