Biomedical Engineering

By utilizing our wealth of experience in medical device maintenance and risk management in commercial and federal sectors, the Enabled Advisors Team’s management approach produces predictable and repeatable processes to plan, execute, and continuously monitor performance against customer contracts. This strategy enables us to deliver consistent, successful results that our customers can count on for complete and timely results that exceed requirements and scales to meet increasing Biomedical Engineering technical and professional needs across the healthcare industry.

Technology Assessment and Implementation

Equipment and system planning are inherent in the Enabled Advisors technology assessment and implementation offerings. Our systematic approach to measuring the effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and quality of data allows us to provide information-based recommendations and to assist in the architecture and design of facility services and clinical care areas relating to medical devices.

Our professional services team consists of biomedical engineers with experience in medical system architecture and design, enabling us to assess medical and ancillary equipment needs for new or renovated sites. We identify which pieces of equipment may be necessary and how they may fit within the constructs of a new or remodeled clinical area. Part of our process is offering medical systems research, including human factors elements that allow us to map new and emerging technologies to the clinical care area. 

Full Lifecycle Technology Sustainment

Enabled Advisors uses a lifecycle approach to equipment planning, which includes identifying legacy systems in need of replacement and identification of emerging technologies to help support the future of Veteran care and revenue generation. We recognize the current state and define the future desired state. This strategy helps create the roadmap for clinical care areas and demonstrates how our support offerings deliver value to clinical and business objectives.


Enabled Advisors’ staff expertise offers guidance, safety information, interdependency identification, and process integration for different medical technologies embedded in other functions or processes as part of site readiness. Further, we provide walkthroughs and validation checks on medical devices and systems implemented by vendors or outside contractors to ensure they meet safety and performance requirements for our customer base.

Planned and Corrective Maintenance

Planned Maintenance – Enabled Advisors personnel use planned maintenance schedules, CMMS software, checklists, and other technologies to maintain biomedical equipment to ensure an acceptable level of safety, performance, accuracy, quality, and cleanliness that meets original equipment manufacturer specifications. Technicians ensure the safety and functionality of the device by performing manufacturer-designated safety and functionality tests along with NFPA 99 electrical safety tests.

Corrective Maintenance – When a device operates outside of tolerances, it requires corrective maintenance. Enabled Advisors staff coordinate with clinical personnel to schedule the necessary service. When corrective maintenance is required, hospital staff and local Biomed teams can rely on our technicians throughout the repair process to be responsive, competent, and maintain a steady stream of dialog. This action ensures they can decide when their equipment will be safely ready for patient care again.